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VcXs is no more


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Ummm, can i ask something..... how the f*ck are you gonna have a party. Oh lets make a carboot with a stinger and a bus it will be so fun :lol: =. Grow up its only a clan. I've never heard of it anyway.

Oh btw, why should anyone respect you, you're a n00b modding clan who cannot play a normal game without ruining everyone elses playing. Sad B A S T A R D S ! ! !

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I remember them but that's just because I am a complete MTA whacko. I would be shocked if anyone else did. I would be even more shocked if anyone gave a shit...

Vice City Xtermination Squad was the gang and they never fought anyone from what I remember. They came out when VCS was around and it was odd that they had an X in there.

A bit more interesting is that Ratez who was in VCS with Dealer started VCXS.


VCS also split thier gang into 3 parts to play ppl more often... funny idea

http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... hlight=vcs

I bigger announcement might have been that they existed :shock:

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i would think anyone who was around during the vcp days remembers vcxs...

unfortunently we all know what happened to vcs, and vcxs was shut down partly due to inactive members...

i think the date on this guys post just goes to prove the inactive part.. i mean comon could u have taken a little longer to say u miss it :lol: i dont recall seeing ratez around now for at least a month...

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racer only has one post

care to explain where that quote came from?

edit -

i just looked at his website

he should be instant banned from everything the fn lamer

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I just don't get that guy dudes, he comes to this forum, whining about his clan, and he even puts his modding-website in his profile, is he fucking retarded????

he really is a 5badair.gif

translation of fucking retarded (censored): he is "making love in ugly terms" "not so smart".

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