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Opensourced: weaponhud and freefire

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A couple years back I made this script called weaponhud and I had big plans, but life happened. This shows weapon slots & ammo and lets you hotkey the slots. I wanted to let everyone know its open source if you are interested in it. ... ls&id=1777

My ultimate goal was to bring a play style to San Andreas that was similar to the days of GTA3:MTA and MTAVC which were far more competitive in an FPS/individual-effort type way. I was going to accomplish this by creating a script to hack the movements as much as possible to loosen things up. I referred to this as 'freefire'.

This script has undergone probably 3 major overhauls. There are a lot of limits to what you can do without destroying the sync of MTA. I had found out quite a few nice workarounds and made everything clientside in the end.

You can test out freefire by running it alongside any standard deathmatch. For now I am just going to dropbox this one. There is an image in this zip trying to explain the hacked controls. Its not perfect but you'll be surprised at how different it feels. I'll answer any questions I see about it if there is any interest. Also I can be reached thru #mta.scripting on

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