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The emoticon i hate most on this board


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if you were using gay in the sense that it is a happy emoticon then i salute you

if you were using it as homophobic slang i spit on your grave

I meant the second one.. and Im not dead

stop being such a fag :)


I can't really argue with that (no smiley here)

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ALL emoticons are GAY, especially aol instant messenger ones, those are SO GAY i put spaces between : and ( to get rid of it. y dont u ppl just use TEXT! DAMNIT

robpol86: one word: LOL

j/k, somewhere you're right, but hey, sometimes it's just easier to espress some certain feeling.

and by the way: AOL is gay! :P

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[serious]hmm, i'm quite unoriginal I think, I use msn :lol::lol:

and I never use emoticons in chatting, only on forums, because you have to make clear statements, if you don't do that, people will mistake your words.[/serious]

idd, aeron and ransom are gay, that's a fact.

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these are the trillian emoticons, some are just totally gay but i accepted it and i dont even care anymore when someone pastes a script and i see about 20 smilies


i really miss no. 3 5 and 6 on this forum and if you wanna do no. 5 here you get this one: :P i h8 that coz its the one im using most....maybe coz im kidding 90%

oh and of course i miss my kitty :cry:

:lol: <--is good for sarcasm

8) <-- for ppl who think theyre the greatest

:shock: and :o are nice and replace no. 3

the rest of the default ones are ok exept of this one: :D <-- [paranoid]i always want to hit him right in the face when i see him[/paranoid]

my total favourite remains and its almost like a photo of my mind: :onlyamother:

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I hate this blue "sticking tongue out" one: :P.

I mean wtf? It doesn't even match the rest of them and looks like he's choking to death and his tongue pops out as a reflex move. Get rid of it and get the normal one back.

Whose bright idea was it to have 645 emots anyway?

Anyway, bad air day's decent and so is this one -> :bootyshake:!

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