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I have bug with Console i can't open my console when i started my server on vps

chmod +x mta-server 
then when i do ./mta-server -d to open console not work and it's show nothing no output  

and if i started it normal when i close putty server will off

Help Pls

King Regards


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maybe you should read into working with linux before attempting to administer a server.

The -d switch deamonizes the process. It's like a service on windows. Something that ONLY runs in the background and has no console or no way to be directly manipulated from the console. It will only respond to kill signals. In order to interact with a deamon you need to use it's APIs. In the case of MTA that would be either the web interface or from within the game.

When you run a process within a shell, that process is a child process from that shell. Kill the parent process (by closing the shell session (read: closing putty)) and the child dies with it. Any decent process browser will show you how dependend they are since a child process is usually displayed as a sub process of the parent. Windows even offers you a possibility to kill an entire process tree when you right click on a process.

so what you need is a way to detach a process from a shell session. As Mikker explained, screen is one way to it. However, keep in mind that screen is an aging solution and there are more flexible solutions out there these days. I am slowly moving away from screen in favor of tmux that offers much more flexibility.

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