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ping issues

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hi.. i've been playing this game for a while and i have noticed something strange.. in every server i've played on, when the amount of players reaches full/near full, my ping will go from around 40-100 and skyrocket to anywhere from 600-1000.. and the only consistent thing i can associate it with is the amount of players on the server.. it makes no sense.. any ideas why this is happening?

i have dsl, and am connected to a router.. if you need any more info let me know

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Could well be that the servers youve played on just dont have the bandwidth to host the number of players they are set to accept, the admin may have underestimated just how much is required.

Contact them and let them know if possible, there may be email or irc details in the servers MOTD. Or simply use some of the more established servers that DO have the bandwidth available, such as the two official servers, the gang rented wojjie servers, the partyserver, the VCA public etc.

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well i use ase to connect to servers, so the only servers i play on are good ones such as the ones you mentioned :P everyone else who has good pings stays that way no matter the amount of players.. like for example, on the ulk server max amount of players is 18.. if there are around 10 or less or so of the 18 maximum my ping is perfectly normal and how it should be.. then once it hits about 11 or more my ping takes a huge hit going to, as previously stated, anywhere from 600 to 1000 ping.. i've heard people suggest it may be a router problem but i really dont see what kind of problem my router could have where im fine playing with a certain amount of people and laggy with another.. im guessing you've never heard of anyone having this problem mr bump? guess its safe to say im screwed then? lol

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