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troubles with server


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Properties of the network connection, tab 'Advanced'

There is an option 'Internet Connection Firewall'

If you can join yourself , it should be ok, and there's a problem with the forwarding. Recheck that please


Colin, that is the option. So it has to be the forwarding.

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go to control panel clik network and internet connections, clik on network connections, right clik your connection that you use to connect to the internet then clik properties, clik advanced tab then check if the box by internet connection firewall is checked if the box is checked it means the firewall is on (so disable it) and if the box is not checked you have a different problem....

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I have a different sort of problem that I thought I'd mention.

Ever since a couple of days ago, if i got the message "Connection timed out", id try to join the server again and it would automatically say "You have been banned from this server". I asked the admin if he banned me, and he said he never banned anyone at the time. Then I decided to see what would happen in the stunt server, so I went there, got timed out, then tried connecting again and bang, "You have been banned from this server". It does this to all of the servers now. I don't know why it is doing this all of a sudden, as it never used to happen. Any suggestions?

Thanks :)

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This has happened to people on my personal run server a few times, join flood ban.

I think it's when a person gets disconnected and tries to connect too fast it'll auto ban them for said reason, though I'm not sure how long you have to wait between connection attempts or how many times you have to try and connect quickly before the ban's set. All I can suggest is tell the admin(s) your problem, and start waiting just a little longer between connects.

Hope this helped dood.

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Why do you forward traffic on port 2003 (incoming) to 3 internal ip's?

which port is good?

(ps. dutch: spreek me anders ff op msn aan als je tijd hebt, gaat wat makkelijker, me engels is niet al te goed ;))

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Why do you forward traffic on port 2003 (incoming) to 3 internal ip's?

which port is good?

The port is correct, but you're only meant to forward the data to 1 IP (and you don't need TCP either).

sorry, I mean the ip, which ip is good? that one in the mtaclient? (host)?

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You should only forward the incoming traffic on the router port 2003 to the IP where the MTAServer is really running. I think that is the IP of you so-called 'host'.

Contact me on msn if it doesn't work, I'm not a helpdesk, but I might help. I can't find you in my msn list (too long)

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in server:

[EV]Hypr0 has joined the game.

{DBC}DarkEye: ?

[EV]Hypr0 timed out.

person who wants to join:


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)



into router only this forwarded:


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