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Stunty Delight (TmM_Ryan's 1st Stunt Video)

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The subject kinda sez it all, Its not v. good (especially 1st few) as it is my 1st Stunt video and im Better @ killing than sunting, but i wanted too giv it a try. 8) .


Pleaz post ur Feedback, Its taken quite me quite a while to get it how i wanted. Enjoy :)

ps. Thank you to VCSL (DJ GTA) for hosting this, very much appreciated 8) .

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Okay I've seen it. Here comes my opinion:


- The stunts on itself wheren't all that bad. A couple of them shouldn't be in the video but thats ok. :)


- The music sux.

- The cameraview's sux.

- Alot of stunts sux.

- You used too many video-effects between the clips.

Overall it wasn't bad for a first movie.

I'd give it a 6/10, because it's still alot better then many other video's I've seen. And I've seen ALOT! :P

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Well Nosgoth i didnt want long runups (becz they r boring and who wnat sto see a car along a road :? ) that y i had so many video visualtions. I had a vote and Pump it Up come up top. I only counted 5 cases were my bike was on fire :tongue1:. Nvm a majority gave it 8/10 on MSN.

Wat did evry1 else think

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