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San Andreas Trailer

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hey ppl this is the polish San Andreas Trailer

anyway its fake lol

hope u like i like it


the real trailer is commin online tonite as said here

GTAplanet.de has the large honour you exclusively the first Trailer to GTA: To be allowed to present San Andreas. For the first time the whole action and quality of GTA shows first moved pictures to the Spiel.Er: SA. The Trailer comes vorraussichtlich on Monday the 28,06 on-line, perhaps also somewhat in former times.

>> right clik, save target as..<<< :)

Lmao @ "Carl Jhonson" running with bike down the hills :P

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does anyone know what music that is playing? i like it

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin.

ty jon and i love the part with CJ ramping down the hill on the BMX looks cool and i love the music

me goes play it on my 80inch plasma TV

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no i think the music is appropriate for the game, ya know, the music kinda makes you wanna go comit suicide :P

as in relation to, brother just died, other brother blames you, mother dies, corrupt cops, that are druggies and that frame you for homocide, friends falling apart and dieing, gangs want you dead..

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errmm u got it wrong read the first post the main post again then read it agen now then read it 10x more to get it in your head ok do you get it now??

michael wtf u chattin about killin ur self ??? tsk tsk tsk you monkey dust fool :o

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