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Island Showdown Movie Production!

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Hello im making a movie called ''Island Showdown'' i have just finished the script, and im looking for a team of 9 people to help. I would like at least one movie experienced helper.... but more than one is an added bonus :D

if you would like to take part in this MTA movie please add me on msn


p.s: it would help if you had FRAPS so i can get clips from your prospective this is not required but would help so if you do not have FRAPS dont worry.

Thanking You


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Ok guys, Movie is complete and we would like to thank all our helpers, me and Feej made this in a period of 2 days which wouldn't have been easy if it wasn't for the sensible helpers.

Chris thanks alot m8.

We're just waiting for Feej to post it in here now. It's good, It's all good!

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