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BMW Chase Movie

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lol am getting 250 kb :D, 1 min to download.

Edit: hmm what to say..FIRST you used mods and the car was clearly faster then the cops and editing of handling.. AND part way though the movie you got a damaged car then..A brand new one :roll: ..anyways thats my 2 cents. 6/10

P.S Thanks for using the uploader :D

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well it was just a car i downloaded, no cheats or anything just a nice car, as for the new car thing :? lol i was hoping nobody would notice :D as i said this was really an experiment as it was my first movie but thankyou for your comments.....

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Nice looking car, but the video wasnt really a police chase. It seemed to consist mostly of you avoiding head on collisions rather than some exciting chase action.

I also found the second 'music' track irritating and it sounded like it was recorded from an AM radio station.

Bit dissapointing. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a C Minus

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*drops head - well my movie making skills are polished up now (with windows movie maker) so my next project will be a script written mta movie which i will post a thread on (asking for your help of course) when im done....... Hopefully that will be a success unlike this :lol:

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