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I've made a new stuntvideo with a friend of mine some time ago. But I couldn't find a could host.

But now that VSCL is back up I was able to put it online at last. 8)

It has stuff of CKY in it (you know Bam Margera) and it is supposed to be fun. :D

Get it here: -----> CKY-Stuntvideo

Please post your feedback people, because that's the only thing I care about. 8)

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For me i loved the music , but as you know music isnt a part youll always win and basicly it doesnt really matter much because its the stunts which we are soppuse to be looking at, anywaysi liked the grinds you did in it esspecially the first one.

But i dont think you really made it seem like anything a la " Bam Margera"

but the parts where you used their voice was well done with what you were showing, overall a good clip,could be better hope will be a part 2 .

Maybe make that one with mods?you know theres a supermarketcart mod around and a toilet mod etcetc maybe even a skin, it shoud be doable.

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Over the last few weeks I did some extremely nice grinds.

I'll make a shotr video of it and post it here in a about an hour. :D

Some of them are extremely sick. :P

These stunts will be used in Ramon's and my upcoming vid. :lol:

So this is just a tipof the iceberg.

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