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My post disapeared....

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I think because most other dev's forums dont host the clans in such a direct way. Valve dont provide a forum for CS clans for instance. This is one of the reasons we are thinkign about changing the Gang forums format and finding alternate hosting for its current content, hosting that wont be linked in any official way with the team.

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cs also has so many clans in it that to host forums would probably easily require multiple servers or one huge dedicated one... in the mta forums theres about 6 clans that regularily post. so its not a huge server issue...

i like it the way it is now. why not just add the disclaimer

"post at your own risk" :lol:

why change something if its good :?

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'why change something if it is good'

Because it isnt good, the gangs forum seems to be treated as a spam/flame forum. Because of this it is pretty active meaning anyone new to the site will visit it and get the worst impression possible of both the community and the mod itself (as we are hosting it and 'allowing' it it reflects badly on the team as a whole).

Most active gangs have thier own website and forum, some even double post exactly the same things on both thiers and this one.

The gangs forum should and will be simply a place for you to have a single post stating the gangs information. i.e. rules, website, forum link, activities, recruitment/membership details, contact details and server ip etc.

The flaming and spamming can be done elsewhere, somewhere the gangs themselves can moderate, somewhere that wont place a stain on MTA's reputation.

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i agree about the spamming and flaming should go... even if im one of the contributors :oops:

but when it comes to the forums as they are right now they should be a place where gangs can get themselves known and recruit new members if they dont have a forums of thier own yet...

i dont think that its putting a stain on mtas reputation at all...

i mean comon who is it staining? the n00bs? n00bs never bother to read the rules anyways much less search through forums. and active gangs... hell i cant bother to get my gang to read the ulk topic on these boards much less post in it :lol:

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No, I can't really see that as a problem either. Or at least, I would never find it a problem, were I new to the forums.

Most active gangs have thier own website and forum, some even double post exactly the same things on both thiers and this one.

Yep, I agree entirely. I've never ever been interested in the Gangs forum, and it seems to consist largely of regular posters. However, I also agree that MTA shouldn't abandon the gangs, but just have an intro post with a link to the gang's site / forum.

And if you don't have a forum, try http://www.proboards.com . Yeah, it's not brilliant, but it's free and they do the hosting for you as well, so there's no excuse.

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But are you particularly interested in gangs other than KFC?


I spend all day reading the VCK, VCP, FKU, TmM, UVA, etc, gang threads.

It's what I do...


Hehehe, not really.

But I am interested in other gangs. After all, we have gang wars, etc, so you have to be interested to a certain extent.

If Warfire quit FKU, then I'd be interested to learn about it.


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ït seems that ppl like bladexen cant let a topic die and no matter how much you scream in here you wont get unbanned.....

we arent resonsible for gameservers expt of the official ones so either the admin will see your post and unban you or you will have to search for him

:arrow: closed

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