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VCSL back up and ready for service! :D

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After having troubles getting files to upload over 2 mb,I fixed it and VCSL back up and ready for service. Here are the rules, please fellow to keep vcsl up and clean:


-No Porn Movies and Images (They will get deleted)

-No Viruses

-Put Videos in there Right spot.


-Blazing Speed


-User friendly

-24 hours

* Important Note : Please download at your own risk, and Virus scan all the files you download. We do not accept any damages done with any files download here.

Now Enjoy the free service.

-VCSL Admin

And remember to put the videos in the RIGHT spot, or else I will delete them with out notice. Please don't make me put up a login system.


EDIT: HERE IS THE LINK :P :http://www.vcsl.vze.com


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Nosgoth VCSL stands for vice city stunt library ,was once the site with the biggest file list (if i remember correctly) until it closed down

So anythign gta related is allowed and encouraged, dont know if other files are allowed ( like video from other games) , for that you should ask first, but a vice city stunt video go ahead and upload so we can get it already :P

Edit: fixed stupid spelling mistakes.

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