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Hey, I am not sure if there was another topic or somethin, hope its no biggie... anyways I thought it would be kool to see mta under a new "layout" or some new look... I would gladly like to help when I have the time, (if they do this) yet I am also workin on my soon to be website.. here is a PREVIEW: (not finished & 100% made by me)


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The thing with the themes is that MTA v2 is the only half-decent one, and there's only two others. If you want to make a more MTA-style one, I'd be happy to help.

I have experience with creating styles for phpbb - I created the default stlye at these boards on my own. It's based on subSilver, but it doesn't look anything like it.

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nuf said ;)

and yes thats my site that i did from scratch ;P

its a current wip, buttons are being redone etc, but its just a lil something i thought id share 8)

p.s. if you wanna see how it looks when its not compressed to hell msn me sometime 8)

p.s.s. no this isnt a entry for a possible mta site... lol its a way different style then i think would go thru well with them

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