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Supporting smaller desktops

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I made this post a long time ago in a different section of the board but it didn't get responded to. So, I figure a shiney new topic here would be a better bet:

Im looking at it in 800 x 600 without a problem, or do you mean put it so we dont have to scroll left and right?
That's exactly what I mean. Now that I'm at the net cafe (which have iMacs) instead of the Library I can view the source and found the offending code. It was exactly as I suspected: The horizontal ruled line (HR element) was set to be a large, pixel width instead of either undefined or a modest percentage. Here's the exact code snippet to hunt through the template sets for:

Remove the "width=600" from that and the page should collapse properly so horizontal scrolling is avoided.

I hope the admins can make this change promptly for those of us who have to use this forum from public computers which always use small desktop sizes to artificially increase the size of display elements, as well as folks who just have old PCs.
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The KFC forum will autosize when you are looking at the topics but once you enter a topic it is as hosed as this is.. I tried it with 800*600... I normally use 1024*768.

You can see this if you click on my sig.. (shameless plug)

I assume this is because of the sig pictures and it's unavoidble

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