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You are right, this was somethign that was turned off as you can remember , but when the forums got upgraded that option wasnt turned off, now it was.

Now no more confusion because of those people that changed their names everyday ( maybe a little exageretted about everyday , but they know who i mean)

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This is great. Can you guys also place a max filesize and dimensions cap for avvies, cause some of the ones I've seen are just ridiculous, like 2000x1000 or 2,2MB gifs (if you don't understand what I mean by huge dimensions, just go to some members' profiles). I mean damn!

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We have talked about that in the mod forum ,altought no actions have been done, i dont think you can set the limits with the default files you got with the forum ( i might be wrong tought).

But i think it would also be good, dont know if we'll have to get a add-on for it or what but ill get te message tru.

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Well yes there is a limit but , we can only ask and remove them if they are too big, if you were to link to a huge pic it woud still show it.

Doesn't it automatically resize the images to 90 x 90, or something to that proportion?

(For example, look at Vass's avatar in one of his posts. Then, look at his avatar in his profile!!! :shock::shock::shock: )

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Sig size is in the readme before you first came here

The images in your signature may not be bigger than 600x150 pixels, without permission from the forum 'operators'

For signatures in this forum you can't set the size... you can only limit the characters. If the offsite address is less than 250 it's fine no matter how big the pic is.

The only admin sig options are sigs enabled and max characters

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The problem with limiting both avatar and signature image file size is that requires them to be hosted on here, rather than externally linked. There may be an addon to enable it but my priority is to fix the bug thats causing the rather odd behavior the forum is showing in relation to some moderation options

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It doesn't need to be automated just moderated.

I would love it if we could change names again... it's been 2 days and I need to change mine.


People who wear gangtags in thier names will be starting new accounts every time they switch gangs. Besides it's never that confusing

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Name changing is disabled for now, as it has problems (resetting the users postcount to zero for instance), If you change gangs then ask a Moderator if they will change the name for you.

As for sig size it is moderated, when one that is massive is seen it is usually removed and a note left in its place, sometimes with a PM to the user as well.

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Dont know if you were joking ,but anyways im sure that wont happen, cause supermods know that {OpL} and [opq] would be different clans even {Clan} and [Clan] woud be diffferent so they woud tri not to make that mistake.

I was more or less exaggerating that people can never get that sort of thing right.

If someone wants the name "KiLLeR", then "killer" isn't the same thing...


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