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day in the life of an MTA forum mod. pt.1


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i dont understand why you have to take the fun away from the forums, face it, these forums are straight up GAY, theres the rhyme thread that we used to cut each other up in a fun-freestyle type way, and you fucked that up. LOCKED. but then again, you have a forum mod actually MAKE a general mockery thread, which IMO and others im sure, more of a diss to others than the rhyming thread. So, in conclusion id like to say keep on being hardasses you [censored]-[censored]-ass raping-[censored]. so [censored] you all.

no but seriously f*ck you, why am i being a dick about it? cuz you're all dicks about everything and thats final, go ahead threaten me with another fuckin' warning for a ban, you'll never see the end of me, no matter what you do...this is reality now have a nice evening mofuckaz

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Full clip stfu , your thread was clearly only flames at other people , if this forum is gay and your here i guess that makes you gay too.........

And making another thread just to complain about one being closed is just stupid, btw if you already got a warning for a ban i wont bother warning you again i would just ban you.

And guess what im gonna do now,.........................................................

thats right .

:arrow: LOCKED

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