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IRC down (21/06/2004 @ 23:17 CET) by Blokker_1999


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i know who it was.

their name starts w/ a A, and ends with a ERON. i wont say any more to protect the guilty

You prolly mean AcraCrabaSimsalabinSeron ?

Or me? xD

Dude i can't even program C or C++ to creat a sorte of DDOS program

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I think he meant

"This MTA 0.4 Mod, I want it out now! Not many people can wait!"

... so what does that have to do with the IRC server?

It did however remind me of:

[07:28:49PM] «•» Quits: Revenge (Revenge!Revenge@ACBD1B42.ipt.aol.com) (Revenge on MTA is iminent dheat supporters 9,876 mta will die staff are :o corrupt here MrBump you will pay.. Your the fool saying use yamm rev12 source for the basis of GTAM now you will pay)

[07:29:44PM] •«{ULK}-n4sr»• nice quit msg...

http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t= ... torder=asc

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