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Ping Issues when loading gta-vc.exe

Guest Aeiedil

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Ok I know i am likely to get responses along the lines of "go to a server in your own country" or "get off your 56k", so first off

1 : i am using servers in my own country

2 : i am on a 600k adsl connection, soon upgrading to 2mbit adsl

3 : i have never had this problem until recently and i am not sure what happened between it happening and not happening which is why i am asking for help on here

now that is out the way. I have recently been having problems playing due to high ping. When I connect to a server and have the mta window up my ping is perfect, <40, as it always has been, however as soon as i click "Start Game", or alt+tab into the game window if the game window is already up, my ping skyrockets, instantly reducing again if i alt+tab back to the mta client window

Has anyone had this problem before and/or got any idea on a resolution?

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