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Whats the difference?

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Is there a difference between this and GTAt? GTAt is supposed to support online and LAN play also. Does anyone know the difference? From their site, it looks like the same thing to me.


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thats a different MP mod for vc.. its a similar idea, but its created by different people and is quite a different game once played.

Try it and this and decide which you prefer ;)

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when you look at all those features he promises, it looks like the best thing out there (96 players, serverstats on website, +200 cars,...) but none of this actually works, it's really funny, because you can't even play it because of the major lag.

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When i've played GTAT it wasnt bad, except for the cars floating in air or invisible cars(which has been fixed). If he just got the mouse wheel working it would be a lot better. But the chat box is a little weird, unlike MTA when you go to type all the buttons still do what they would normally do, like change radio, get in/out of a car.....blah blah blah. He could really make this a great mod if those little things were fixed.

EDIT: Also when i played it Zircon was playing too (56k'er) and the lag wasnt bad. It looked like Zircon had about a 10-20 ping on a MTA server.

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Thx for reminding me Gf. Pretty old Q I wanted to ask, but had forgotten about:

How about enabling the direction keys during ingame chatting in future versions? After all they don't do anything when you type since there's no blinking cursor or something to move and it would save ppl from inadvertently doing stuff like rolling into the sea in their car while typing a fast msg. I've heard the stories :).

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