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~ Straight Up Rapping ~ no DeathB's Allowed!


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Death dont talk shit about my physical features

i bet you look like some mythical creatures

go back to your little drawing board and fix up your rhymes

see your just a nerd at a pc while im out sellin dimes

how many times do i have to say?


if i see you in this thread, you're straight up gay

only cool people can hang, you're just standing in their way

oh yea im not that bad, actually i know im handsome

but whats with closing that thread, eh ransom?

now i have to go in the back and come out with a gun

shootin at you, 3 bullets left, 2 bullets left and then 1

turn around look behind you i wasnt even the one

pulls out a 40 and takes a sip, while i still have a full-clip

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your raps are strait up gay

reading them was the laugh of the day

i can talk about your physical features

you look like one of those horror creatures

you pull you hood up and try and look tough

im telling you son iv had enough

you dont scare me you like your a early teen

based on what i just read ur nothing but a drama queen

so next time you want to slam me make something good

that is of course if you could

i seriously doubt it all your rhymes are gay

next time just go fucking play

im out iv got shit to do

i dont have anymore time for you

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deathb is a fake who takes my rhymes and recycles them

hes thinks its cool and that it entitles him

dont even get me started at the laugh of the day

your ass was second to post, what the f*ck does the title say?



but i guess its anything just to raise yer little post count

even if your a fag named deathb leadin a clan full a' hose-hounds

face it deathb, at rap you have no skills

so go play mta but dont cry when kungfu kills

im happy you got shit to do

we wont hear from you

and ya i do drugs, in fact im now stoned

but for the last f*ckin time death


let me just add that at least your rhyming with spirit

but you talk alotta bullshit and no one wants to hear it

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look at the bitch acting like he has a brain

well looking at your rap i can tell you that was quite plain

you like to try and sound like your in the hood

i bet youd even try and assualt me if you could

you say nobody likes me and im so sad

then i realize your speaking for kung and im like WHAT A FAG

you come on here and talk shit like you mean something

but trust me son your no king

i enjoy reading you recycling my lines

but i would think by now you could see the signs

dont be me you cant dont try

ignorance like yours money cannot buy

you make a thread and say keep out

what are you gonna do besides pout

you cant do shit so dont act like you can

you seem to like kfc go join thier joke of a clan

there it is iv given you my reply

and for now im saying good the fuck bye

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you could sit for hours sitting thinking of lines

while i sit for 2 seconds spittin what comes to mind

you dont get the message what im tryin to say

read my lips and see me smile but this aint rap, this shits a freestyle

your mangled tangled rhymes is like bad poetry

dont dare open ya mouth, sum1 get this guy a mint for his breath, b

i dont like KFC but kungs raps are better than deathb's. peace

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its been fun battling you overall

but hell thats your call

i can spit what comes to mind

do i really need to remind

il talk to you later clip

next time i see you just dont trip ;)

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the problem with your website is all the clans

the ones on there right now are almost as fucked as your plans

the system you got on there is pretty much the same as here

so why in all honesty should we care

i would try and support you but i dont think that your right

but then again im always up for a fight

when you get some clans that iv heard of give me a call

and maybe if u have enuf we can start a brawl

until then dont spam your advertisement everywhere

then again its not like either way i could care

so have a nice day

il be ownin til my hairs turn grey

with or without your site doesnt matter

because either way spines are still going to shatter

il talk to you later im thru here for now

im goin to grab some chow

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watch this rap now u homo ignorants




thats ALL FOR TODAY , now beat that u homos, i mean like comon tell me thats the best shit u ever heard.

if u cant compete with that i understand.

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  • MTA Team

Wow... are you serious? Another rap thread was made?

Ok well let me make this clear:

Rapping on forums is gay

it doesnt take skills, hit the hay

you need to rest for tomorrow

Or else in MTA you will feel sorrow

Go kick each others asses ingame

but no more rapping here, its lame

If you want to continue freestyle rap

Go to his his house, sit on his lap

I wont have that shit here you see

one more rap thread and your banned, tee hee hee

cause again, I'm a forums mod you see

thats whats so great about being me

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