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Real reason for KFC not fighting us!

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lol how lame...

We were discussing possible rules.. and that is from our private forum you lamer...laugh.. god knows what is in yours.

We are sticking to the attack/defend format we fear noone but our laddar will be made up of similar matches for comparision...

We take noone lightly that is why we are the best.. Play us tonight and see for yourself :wink:

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So KFC do u always not fight gangs that r to good for u the rules were made but u backed out so now everyone knows ur chickens of fighting us i think its time to prove u aint.

OK fight us tonight... but only in the attack/defend format. We won't have lesser gangs dicate rules that is the point of that thread. Are we on for tonight?

Those were EU rules we are not EU.. if you are gonna quote our private forums at least read them you dumb fuck

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ur one funny man u know that one thing i would like to point out


i would like to know its abit like boxers taking a pay cut to fight sum1 that aint that good u know what i mean.

We dont' let every gang make up thier own rules.. We play everyone with a set of rules so we can compare on game to another...

We are not interested in a TeamScript match but we will and have fought anyone who steps up.. I can't wait for you to say yes... You aren't the first shittalking fag we shut up but agree and you will be the next

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Oh and i need to work out a date and time i aint got 1000 noobs waiting to fight like u do.

Work out a date before you start a thread like this you bitch... You dont' have a 1000 noobs? Well how many do you have? laugh..

I can't wait... and keep reading our private forum.. it's a how to on running a gang you obviously need it

Btw this is a rematch we owned you once already.. hurry with the date shittalking motherfukcer

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