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MTA0.4 VC Test (19/06/2004 @ 01:12 CET) by MrBump


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heh, black dragon won't answer my questions in irc, and He's in VCK! :wink: yup, It's a sealed vault untill the release i guess, that's why they only beta test with trusted people, They just dont crack!

He won't answer you because it gives him a sense of importance, in that he has something everyone else wants...


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i would like to state that all that eavening i was getting pwned preatty hard all the eavening coz of my great lag

especially rawk, who seemed to be the only pro arround there (with a decent lag too). he was pwnin quite everything :P

lol YOU were lagged, one point there u were actually shootin the walls and im like the other side lol...

and you're right i straight pwnd u guys =))))))

was a really fun game, synchin were jes great... :oops: cant talk too much

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Damn! Two new cars, one in the airport( that what i was waiting for these months), other one on the second screen near icecream station, and on the second screen in the left bottom corner is "140 KMH"

hehe...its gonna be just crazy, good job MTA team!!!

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well clearly there is a speedo.. something which should have been in GTA the whole time, and something i know i and a lot of other ppl will love to have.. so whats the prob with it?

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