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Making a server, need serious & experienced scripters.


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Hi, i thought of trying to make an own RPG server actually, im tired of all the copycats and simple servers out there. I want to do something serious.

I myself is not a scripter, i'm just a manager with ideas and such. Besides that i got 2 years+ with photoshop experience and can make pretty much anything you want. Also i've already made a concept on how the server will be and wow, it's long, it will take very long to make and it wont be easy, but when it's done, IF it will be done, this can turn out as something totally unique and something never ever seen as an RPG server on MTA. I basically have a revolutinary idea if i get to say it myself, cause i've been playing on alot of servers, and i wanted to make something that is unique to every server, a server you really focus on your own character and lifestyle. I will give more info if anyone feel like helping.

What i need is scripters, mostly atleast. Experienced scripters. This isn't something you can do with a month LUA experience. This is serious, believe me. So if you want to participate in something serious and unique, then add me on skype - jonte346

Thanks & regards.


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