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Error with local server / map editor



When Im in the MTA initial screen , with the quick connect, server browser and all that. I start a local server or map editor , and the screen keeps black . When I saw it I tried chatting "T" and I could. But screen was black , I could use ESC and chat but I couldn't see anything. In my 2nd local server it was TDM and I was flying , I couldn't move , do anything unless pressing F9 and chatting.

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= Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas v1.3.5


= Server name : Map Editor Server

= Server IP address:

= Server port : 22010


= Log file : ..rver/mods/deathmatch/logs/editor_server.log

= Maximum players : 1

= HTTP port : 22011

= Voice Chat : Disabled

= Bandwidth saving : None


[07:02:51] ERROR: Problem with resource: fallout; Failed to link to freecam

[07:02:51] Resources: 178 loaded, 1 failed

[07:02:51] Starting resources...

[07:02:51] ERROR: Couldn't find resource editor. Check it exists.

[07:02:51] Server started and is ready to accept connections!

[07:02:51] To stop the server, type 'shutdown' or press Ctrl-C

[07:02:51] Type 'help' for a list of commands.

[07:02:52] CONNECT: Nvp|BFPA|Larry connected (IP: Serial: 8EB6A8DDC2DCF13AC2776A41EC211024 Version: 1.3.5-9.06291.0)

* Connected! [MTA:SA Server 1.3.5 [Windows]]

[07:02:52] JOIN: Nvp|BFPA|Larry joined the game (IP:

Server FPS limit: 36

Server AC info: [Allowed client files: None] [Disabled AC: None] [Enabled SD: None]

[07:03:08] CHAT: Nvp|BFPA|Larry: aa

Nvp|BFPA|Larry: aa

[07:03:11] NICK: Nvp|BFPA|Larry is now known as Larry

* Nvp|BFPA|Larry is now known as Larry

This is the F8 panel :c

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