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One Day In A Taxi's Life

Guest Monolith

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hah nice vid, but still some comments:

Mostly the tricks didn't impresse me, 2 slow and not good enough.

And if you do car tricks: LAND THEM ON A NICE WAY without fucking

up ya car. And if ya do runs, speed the boring parts up ( the driving )

and one advice, I tought the zebra cab drives faster than the other taxi's,

but i don't know that for sure. ohjeah almost forgot, the music was ehh........ wel........

CRAP! :o

didn't liked it but thats my opinion. and the editing could be better sometimes

I think im gonna make a taxi vid myself so I'm gonna stunt now

later :)

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Most of the vids around here are only motorbike stunting, for sure taxi isn't as fast as a motorbike that's why it's hard to do some amazing stunts.

I've only wanted to do a funny vid not a skilled one ! :)

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There's nothing wrong with his video.

He's in a Taxi, give him a break...

The video is fine, good stunts (Even for a Taxi), and the music is good as well.


Well moi gots to download it again since it didnt came in :(

Ok its done and i watched it

Some things were really enjoying like te grinds and the stunts, only those killing parts and the chase parts made it kinda boring ;)

Sry to say but anyways i think its still a great movie with all those stunts you did and with that boost ;):P

Anyways do you ahve some kind of auto aim bot because when you were standing on a driving taxi you shot everybody without missing ;)

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Stift_Me > Yes I'm using the auto aiming, I play with a gamepad. Other people will probably say it sucks but I like it ! ;p

erorr404 > You will win the taxi super boost after completing 100 taxi's missions, then just push the horn button to do a jump ! :D

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One of Ramon's stunts is just insane. :D It's so insane that he already has to show it to you guys. But it's also gonna be in our new upcomming stuntvid. 8)

I think ya mean the triple frontflip, jeah its insane :)

It will be in our next vid ( pcj 600, and car tricks in LC and VC )

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