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As requested: GTA3 pics (assorted)

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Kungfu asked for gta3 pics to keep coming in in http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=8210&start=135 , so rather than fill that thread with off-topic pics:

Firstly a capture from the gta3mta0.3b 'special edition' i made for a few of us to play around with. Basically 0.3b with vehicle damage + extra dodos.


Finally, for now, a couple of shots from very early gta3mta 0.4 development and testing.



Will post more later if i can be botheres and if people want to see them.

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Yeah I have to rebuy GTA3 and I am waiting a little while, Incase I find mine... I love Liberty City pics it's much more gritty and grey than Vice City. I forget what a cool city that is and I am eager to play 0.4.

Thanks and keep em coming.. I will stop being a cheapass and grab my copy... The MTA ones are good but even a Turbob style glitch hunt would be funny...

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stift me wrote

Lol could be but just look on the rooftops of those 2 cars

See the difference?

One is a real taxi the other is a tax with sirenes on it...

i never saw that taxi only this time when i taked the picture its really weird ill maybe take another pic of that bug but then with police cars maybe it always happends there. :roll:

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where is it? :)

Hmm - this is one reason I like GTA:LC, because it's even easier when you've got a bike (or heli!).

Any way - it's on staunton island. If you remember the mission where you have to escape the spank-crazed suicide bombers, it's at that car park.

There is an underground car park underneath it. Next to the entrance to that, there are some steps which go up to a small area. If you jump up on the wall which overlooks the car park and run towards the steps, you should get to an enclosed area. Somewhere in there is that sign.

It's a bit complicated to explain without pics, sorry.

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Hmm... looks like Gordon Freeman's HEV suit :roll:

To be honest, I've never encountered any graphical corruption in GTA3 except for occasional dotted white lines in the gaps between objects. The one bug that annoys me is the one where you're running and you suddenly get thrown forward and lose health :evil:

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