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login panel dissapear :(

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Hey guys,i made a login/register panel and the problem is when 2 players connect, either one of them cant see the panel or sometimes, both cant see the panel, but when they dont connect at the same time, they can see it :( Everythin works fine with the registration and login. The only problem is that it dissapears when 2 players try to connect to server :/

heres the client side code :


The server side contains only the check for username and password .

Help me plz. Thank you for your time.

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Show the code that triggers the event: "hideWindow".

The only reason why this happens is basically the fact that the triggering is wrong, it is triggered on player join/etc, and it makes it close for the rest of players.

Just remember to make the player source of the event hideWindow.

function hidetheWindow() 
if source ~= getLocalPlayer() then return end 
    guiSetVisible(darkpic, false) 
addEvent("hideWindow", true) 
addEventHandler("hideWindow", root, hidetheWindow) 

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ok, heres the code, the serverside :

BTW, thnks for the help guys, but understandin everythin wat wiki says is kinda hard for me :( but i always try my best.

After makin postman,bus and taxi job, i decided to make the login panel, but i got this problem :/

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:o but omg

if i had done it this way like : triggerClientEvent("hideWindow",thePlayer,thePlayer) -- im using the second thePlayer as argument to send to the hideWindow event

then i use thePlayer as argument for the hideWindow event in the clientside, will it work?? bekoz thats wat i normally do for all my jobs :o

Thnks for ur help man :)

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