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I think that the titel says enough.

How can i make an server , what programs do i need and if you know it could you please tell me in 1 story or else just tell it how you like it.


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If you go back to http://www.mtavc.com you will see a blue box at the top of the home page. Click either Linux or Win32 server (depending on your operating system) to download the server file.

I don't really know much about Linux, so I'll explain how to set one up for Windows.

The download will be in .zip format. You can extract it to any directory (not necessarily the GTA / MTA ones).

Once extracted, it's ready to work out of the box by double clicking it, but you may want to customise it (i.e. the name of it, player count, etc.).

In order to do this, you can either open up the mtaserver.conf file in Notepad (it will be in the same directory as the server EXE file) or download a utility to do this for you:

The MTA:VC 0.3 Server Config Tool (works with 0.3.1): http://www.mtavc.com/downloads.php?file_id=59

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