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Bitchpackin A Sentinel

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This was an awesome night at the ULK server. We bitch packed a sentinel with like 7-9 people, lol. Here's some pics and a vid. Credits to Outback for filming the vid, and credits to me of course for the pics and for driving :P






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I guess y'all know what time it is then, eh?

That's right! Time for the "whole server in a car" contest!!

You got space for 10 ppl, or 16 ppl, or 24? Cool. The more, the better.

Get every player in your serv in a single vehicle (chopper even better) and post here the vid or pics.

Is this l33t crowd up for it? Lez find out :P.

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lol, In the vid I love how the person filming makes 1000 typos, looks kinda like me trying to type.

Yeh when my keyboard gets moved from its normal spot, my typing gets all fucked up, since I'm a Peck Typist (no need to hunt anymore!).

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