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linux traffic shaping


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i typed this in another forum, trying to get the easy way out if any1 knows how

My router runs a linux distro called FloppyFW (Floppy Firewall). I got this on the harddrive because 1.44 MB isnt enough. Soon ill make my own slackware gateway but thats later on.

anyways, soon ill be getting 4 megabit wireless from work, and my boss would get angry if i used 100% of my bandwidth potential 24/7. thats fine by me, but my brothers use kazaa and other stuff that forces you to share, thus using alot of upload.

im trying to not use iptables2 right now. the linux distro does come w/ tc (traffic control) tho. i want to apply shaping on outbound traffic ONLY. i dont want to shape my download, just upload. im thinking about limiting bandwidth for ips within a range (or all ips excluding a range) to 10 kB/s upstream.

i looked around for help on messing w/ tc but it seems a bit too confusing right now (like everything does at first). does any1 here know of a good howto or tutorial that can help out my situation? or does anyone here know how to do this?

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Dunno if you care to really find out how to manipulate your router's FW, or you just want to deal with this any way possible. I can't help much if it's the first, but if you just want to deal with the outbound traffic kazaa creates, why don't you simply limit the max # of simultaneous u/l's and max u/l rate? Or you can just unshare everything you had in the list of dirs; it's all in K-Lite's options.

1 upload @ 5-10KB/s max shouldn't be any prob at all IMO.

BTW what brand is your router?

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yes, the isp i work for will be providing me with wireless

i tried freesco but r_shaping kept freezing linux when upload was intense for prolonged periods of time, so i turned that off. ill give ASL and coyote a shot, tho ive never heard of either of them before

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You could try Shorewall, a IP-Tables configuration tool/firewall, it has traffic shaping as well (I only used firewalling/NAT/Forwards).

What's the reason you're trying not to use iptables? Last week i had a floppy version running on my router, with complete iptables support, and Shorewall as well. It runs very nice...

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no, i said iptables2. i use iptables (or use to with floppyfw) to forward ports, but i heard somewhere that iptables2 supports shaping, dont know if thats a fact or not. and before i didnt plan on using another distro, but since freesco is much much better than floppyfw, others might be even better, so ill give them a try later on

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