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Can't find the Prob


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Hello MTAsa Community i have a Prob and can't locate it :3

server side

local shopMakers = { 
    {x=-23.42, y=-55.26, z=1003.54, int=6, dim=1}, 
    {x=-23.41, y=-55.37, z=1003.54, int=6, dim=0}, 
function TheMarkerof247Shop( player, matchingDim) 
    if ( matchingDim ) then 
        if ( isElement( player ) and getElementType( player ) == "player" ) then 
            if ( isPedInVehicle ( player ) == false ) then 
                triggerClientEvent( player, "247shop.CoolwindowOpen", player ) 
for _, v in pairs ( shopMakers ) do 
    local x, y, z, interior, dimension = v["x"], v["y"], v["z"], v["int"], v["dim"] 
    local shopMarker = createMarker( x, y, z -1,"cylinder", 1, 225, 225, 225 ,170) 
    setElementInterior( shopMarker, interior) 
    setElementDimension ( shopMarker, dimension ) 
    addEventHandler( "onMarkerHit", shopMarker, TheMarkerof247Shop ) 


addEvent("247shop.CoolwindowOpen", true) 
addEventHandler("247shop.CoolwindowOpen", localPlayer, 
    function () 
        addEventHandler( "onClientRender", root, shop247 ) 
        addEventHandler ( "onClientClick", root, shop247onClientClick ) 
        showCursor( true ) 

The client side works 100% as i was test it with binkey the problem is in server side they just no trigger it all others works ok i mean they create the marker they se it to dim and int but no trigger :/ and no any error

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