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Hi :D!!!

I think it would b great to play a chase mode:

It would b cool playing with that pink arrow (used in sp missions) each time some car hit yours.. i mean: i wear the arrow until some1 hitme (*with other car*) then ppl who hit me is who wears the arrow.

A max time about 10 minutes, person who "weared" more time the arrow wins.

*I have tried to find this topic and i didnt c it so here it is) :)

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yeah that sounds fun! or, how about the other way. i played this one game on N64 (forgot what) and there was this one mode, someone has the bomb (pink arrow in this case) and thhey try to ram other people to get ri dof it. after the time is up, the bomb blows up killing hte driver and destroying their car.

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This sounds a little like 'tag, but with vehicles.

Please post game mode suggestions in: http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=2744&start=255

I also think a chase with the 'proximity meter' as seen in some gta3 missions would be nice, the object simply to lose the person chasing you. It's one of the many many possible gamemodes on my list of future gamemodes, (probably on trx's list too), ready for the time we have the foundation stable enough to start cramming them all in :)

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