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dxDrawImage(from wiki)


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ive changed just image name in script but other stuff is from wiki

local screenWidth,screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize()  -- Get screen resolution. 
function renderDisplay ( ) 
    local seconds = getTickCount() / 1000 
    local angle = math.sin(seconds) * 80 
    -- This will draw the graphic file 'arrow.png' at the top middle of the screen 
    -- using the size of 100 pixels wide, and 240 pixels high. 
    -- The center of rotation is at the top of the image. 
    dxDrawImage ( screenWidth/2 - 50, 0, 100, 240, 'lvl61.png', angle, 0, -120 ) 
function HandleTheRendering ( ) 
    addEventHandler("onClientRender", getRootElement(), renderDisplay)  -- Keep everything visible with onClientRender. 
addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",resourceRoot, HandleTheRendering) 

this doesn't draw this picture


no errors

my res is 1920x1080

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