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dxDrawText Rotation


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Well, i give up, simply dont get it.

frotation takes the text to hell knows what, and i cant simply get it right. (Dont really get how it is supposed to work if i want text to be vertical from bottom to top of the screen, 270 rot.)

frotationcenterX does nothing.

frotationCenterY does nothing.

Can someone help me out? :/

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I also would like to know more I think you should use shader

I noticed that this does not work: float rotationCenterOffsetX = 0, float rotationCenterOffsetY = 0,

bool dxDrawImage ( float posX, float posY, float width, float height, mixed image [, float rotation = 0, float rotationCenterOffsetX = 0, 
float rotationCenterOffsetY = 0, int color = tocolor(255,255,255), bool postGUI = false ] )

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I found myself it does have an effect over original rotation. My positions worked like this, but its still weird.

        for i=1, 4 do 
            local a = "Text"..i 
        dxDrawText(Dashboard.Positions.Text[a][1] , Dashboard.Positions.Text[a][2] * x, Dashboard.Positions.Text[a][3] * y, Dashboard.Positions.Text[a][4] * x, Dashboard.Positions.Text[a][5] * y, tocolor(255,255,255,alpha),3,"clear","left", "top", true, false,true, true, true, 270, x*0.05 + ((x*0.2) * i), y*0.85)   

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