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my name is tony and i am an admin a sever and i just recently download CCTV Cameras resource but the problem is that any one can type in the command /cctv and create cameras or delete them. can some one please tell me how to make that command only for admin. thnks

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i already edited my ACL list but then even the admins cant type in the command any more. in acl gruop defualt i put command.cctv to false,but again that blocks the admin from accessing the command too.

You tried adding "command.cctv" in the Admin group of the ACL?

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[bool restricted = false, bool caseSensitive = true] 

restricted: Specify whether or not this command should be restricted by default. Use this on commands that should be inaccessible to everyone as default except special users specified in the ACL (Access Control List). This is to make sure admin commands such as ie. 'punish' won't be available to everyone if a server administrator forgets masking it in ACL. Make sure to add the command to your ACL under the proper group for it to be usefull (i.e ). This argument defaults to false if nothing is specified.

addCommandHandler("cctv", functionName, true)

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