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Problems with graphics card after closing MTA



Everytime ,every single time I play MTA and close it , or go to desktop or just to Windows 8 Index all the colors get f***ed up. I mean , my desktop gets weird and all the colors are now pink , yellow , like if graphic card was broken , when I opened Xbox app of windows 8 , instead of being green it was purple, but with very low graphics ,I could see giant pixels. Idk what's happening. This only happens to me after closing or getting out of MTA, I have to restart my PC

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I have a startup error

In spanish and then translated by me

MTADIAG.exe - Error del sistema

El programa no puede iniciarse porque falta MSVCP110.dll en el equipo. Intente reinstalar el programa para corregir este problema.

MTADIAG.exe - System error

The program can't be started because there's missing MSVCP110.dll in the pc (dont know exactly how to say "equipo" in this context.) . Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

I already reinstalled MTADiag with your link and didn't work.

I resetted my PC some days ago. I don't know if that can affect

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