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Where do I put this when I want to create the clock text? or what I put into methyl .. please help

versionDisplay = textCreateDisplay ()

local versionText = textCreateTextItem ( "[!] TEST [!]", 0.950, 0.02, "medium", 255, 255, 255, 255, 1, "right" )

textDisplayAddText ( versionDisplay, versionText )

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To create the text.


To get the real time.

methyl? Do you mean meta? If so;

     <script src="thefile.lua" type="thetype"/> 

thefile = the file you saved your script as, for example I saved it as something.lua and it's client sided, I'll have this in the meta:

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text is server side, and dx is client side. Take your pick, which ever one you want.

local time = getRealTime() 
local hours = time.hour 
local minutes = time.minute 
dxDrawText(..hours..":"..minutes.., args) 

I copied it from Gamemode TDMA there it was written up and the text I wanted to give the DayZ server ..

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