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Can anyone explains for me (give me an example) how to use properly fetchRemote to download two files(txd,dff) and replace a vehicle model with the downloaded files.

Thank you,

I'm pretty sure that the best answer will help hundred of scripters to handle fetchRemote and download problems.

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Client side

 fetchRemote ( "www.TheDirectLinkToDFFoRtxdFILE.com/blahblah/file.txd",  ReturnVal, "", false ) -- lets try downloading txd file from a direct link 
function ReturnVal( returnedDATA, errno ) 
    if errno == 0 then 
    _MyTxd = engineLoadTXD (returnedDATA) 
engineImportTXD ( _MyTxd, 1564 ) -- make sure you replace 1564 with the value you want 
outputChatBox ("OMG DOWNLOADING FAILED DUE TO: "..errno) 

Not tested. If it doesn't work then please try /debugscript 3 and tell me what does it outputs.

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You must save the file client-side and then use that file via engineLoadTXD.

I thought of adding it but I thought maybe the client downloads it and is auto saved. : D

Anyway I'm on mobile now so to make it work correctly use fileCreate.

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You can send the files via triggerLatentClient to the client. Just read them out with fileRead and send the source to the client.

On the client, just create the file, write the source into it and then you can load it for whatever you want.

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