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fetching sound title


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local streams = { } 
streams[1] = {"http://relay.181.fm:8008", "181.1 - Rock 181 FM"} 
streams[2] = {"http://relay.181.fm:8068","181.2 - Old School 181 FM"} 
function showStation(source) 
    local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(getLocalPlayer()) 
    local meta = getSoundMetaTags(source)    
    if (theVehicle) then 
        local streamID = getElementData(theVehicle, "vehicle:radio") 
        local streamTitle 
        if tonumber(streamID) ~= 0 then 
            streamTitle = streams[tonumber(streamID)][2] 
            streamTitle = "Radio Off" 
        outputChatBox(streamTitle .."Song: "..(meta.title)) 

didnt show song title

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