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UDP Server issues


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I've got Debian 7.4 Wheezy with all the latest updates. running 64 bits version. No iptables, no firewalls, nothing special. So, somehow sometimes UDP ports get blocked for 2-5 minutes for all the running servers in. Just all of them. They open periodically for a short amount of time too. TCP is fine though.

I'm sure that nobody is blocking the traffic. I've contacted the hoster and there are no problems with that, they have also checked all the rules and UDP isn't blocked.

Does anyone have the idea what's going on? I didn't change any networking setting or anything like that.

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Sometimes, both when playing and hosting a server MTA is likely to flood your router with UDP requests and if your router isn't modern/good enough it will not function anymore (clients, that's why there is an Browser speed option) and with servers connected to an router that cannot handle many requests this can happen, as it fails to absorp all UDP requests it will temporary block UDP traffic to recover from what an older/bad router sees as 'UDP flood'

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That's strange cause it's a VPS. The host says there's nothing what could block the traffic

The risk of getting some kind of flood which blocks the ports is probably bigger on a external host. Hosting companies want to make as much money as possible using as low performance as possible, if the problem isn't in your server (i.e bad optimized lua code) then you might goanna look for another host or maybe host by yourself on an old computer if you have any.

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