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Separate strings


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How can I separate a string by a certain character.

For example if I have SW_GMC_HD_SMTH

How can I separate it to indepentent strings like SW, GMC, HD, SMTH. And also, how can I insert them in a table so that I can make a for loop trought it later.


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local str = "SW_GMC_HD_SMTH" 
local str2 = string.gsub (str, "_", "," ) -- replacing underscores with comma 
 -----[[ I'm not sure if  gsub works like this since I rarely used this function ]]---- 
local str3 = split(str2,string.byte(",")) -- splitting it and inserting it into table 
for _,v in ipairs (str3) do 
print (v) 
-- > SW 
--> GMC 
--> HD 
--> SMTH 

Not tested.

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