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How to remove weapon damage


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I'm trying to do a tazer system with silenced pistol

then, I put it in serverside:

function removeDamage () 
    setWeaponProperty (23, "poor", "damage", 0) 
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, removeDamage ) 

But it doesn't work

can anyone help me?? :roll:

Thanks for all! :P

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addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage",localPlayer, 
function ( attacker, weapon, bodypart) 
    if weapon == 23 then 

Unfortunaly, it doesn't work for me!

Because it's client-side.

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By default, if undeclared in meta.xml, the script will become server-sided. So, you need to change it in meta.xml (add in type="client" />).

Sometimes, you have to make things client side... It's just how it works.

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