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[Sell Cheap]TC Multi Gamemode


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Hey guys i have TC game mode if any body want contact me i will show you prove.

Skype: Waleedulhassanbhatti

Note:If anybody don't want just don't reply like (You don't have right to sell etc) I know i don't have the right to sell but i want to make money i will sell it at 50$

Prices can be lessed ;)

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And because of that reason you believe you are entitled to the scripts and have the right to sell them?

I can't tell whether you're truly that stupid or simply trying to be a troll. If it was deleted after 5 minutes of being leaked it's because it wasn't meant to be available to public.

I truly wish the moderators on those forums where much more stricter about things like this, instead of simply locking the thread. But that's their decision after all, not mine.

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