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interpolateBetween -- Again


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 local px, py = guiGetPosition ( pic,false ) 
local sx,sy = guiGetScreenSize () 
function onRender( ) 
    if state == 'OpenIt' then 
        local nx, ny = interpolateBetween ( px, py,0,px,(py/3)+85,0,getProgress( 3000 ),"OutElastic",0.3, 1.0 ) 
        guiSetPosition( pic, nx, ny, false ) 
    elseif state == 'CloseIt' then 
        local nx, ny = interpolateBetween ( px, py,0,px,(py/3)+475,0,getProgress( 3000 ),"OutElastic",0.3, 1.0 ) 
        guiSetPosition( pic, nx, ny, false ) 
addEventHandler( 'onClientRender', root, onRender ); 

So I've managed to kinda make it move in the way I want, but when I trigger a function that will open the picture and trigger another to close it, it does not animate like it used to, I mean first time I start the resource and trigger openIt, OutElastic works, then I close it, Now the second time I open it, It doesn't animate, what's the issue ? :S

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Well, to explain, there are 2 steps, Open, and close, When I open it, all good, close works too, but the animate, the interpolatebetween and the OutElastic aren't working, When I open it for the second time, It only sets the position, Like interpolateBetween doesn't exist.

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