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sorry if this has been covered alredy, but i did use the search and found nothink similar.

I was wondring if there was an add-on which allowed the mp3 player to be automatically be played when entering a vehicle, without the normal GTA:VC radio stations. 4 example, everytime i enter a vehicle the mp3 would start playing, and the normal radio stations wudnt. (i hope that makes sense)lol). Effectively i mean deleting the GTA:VC music files and just leaving the mp3 songs only (although i know this wudnt work :cry: ).Its becz im kinda annoyed listining too the same pepl gabble on kchat or the same music being played when i enter the car. I seriously think iv heard some songs 1, 000, 000 times, and its very irritating.

I was wondering if reinstalling GTA:VC without the radio stations and making an mp3 folder containing my songs i want 2 listen too, although i dalt this wud work (just a thought). Im sure some1 can come up with somthing.

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Just set the mp3 station to your default station i think (audio options). Personally it irritatates me to only have music while i drive, so i disable ingame music and have coolplayer play mp3 instead, that way i can kill, and die, to music too :)

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Vass thats basicly what bump said............. :roll:

Anyways what you want can be possible i think ,( not in mta of course)

What you or someoen that know show to would have to do is go to in gamefiles where it says to play a cerain radio station and change em all to mp3 station , so if it says "KChat" kchat would be replaceed into "MP3 station".

I cant really help you much on this since i dont know where you would have to look for this part that you would have to edit.I never tought about what you said so beats me.

BTW bump im not sure you can set a certain station as your default since its randomly chosen :? I might be wrong, i know theres somethign in the sounds options where you scroll between the stations but i cant remember whats it is about.

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