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GangWarServer Pickup Games


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In addition to being available for anyone who needs a server for a gangwar we have started to grab anyone who is sick of spawnwars and even Gang Politics.(see below)... We had a raging 10 on 10 for 5 hours last night

How does this work? Get a pass from a KFC or anyone who knows it I would rather not post the pass here. Look in the server and count how many [RED] and [bLU] players are there and join the team that is short.

RED and BLU can be made of anyone who is around and if teams are even join either side. It would help if you joined our TeamSpeak we have a RED and BLU channel.

RED and BLU alternate defending and attacking. No Spaz or Flamethower is allowed to cut down on setup time. Just spawn and get to your rally point and be ready for the GO GO GO. If a pickup is on the way grap it but don't drag out the setup.

This worked great yesterday with members from TmM, VCES, FMJ, FKU, KFC, DA all playing together on random teams.

FMJ Oli has pics he can post here....

This is not an event this is something anyone can setup or join 24hrs a day as long as a War isn't schedueled.

GangWar RED and BLU teams can use this teamspeak

Teamspeak Server

To get the Teamspeak Client here <---- Go to Quick Connect to log in and make sure you set a talk button (push to talk) Join either RED or BLU depending on what team you have joined.

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Yeah try it anytime of day.. if it's empty get ppl to join and get it started. The pass is easy to get just ask around or join TS and ask ppl that are playing.

I just added this to the first post.

GangWar RED and BLU teams can use this teamspeak

Teamspeak Server

To get the Teamspeak Client here <---- Go to Quick Connect to log in and make sure you set a talk button (push to talk) Join either RED or BLU depending on what team you have joined.

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The RED and BLUE channels got deleted...


People can join in the lobby and the first one in can create the channel. This is an disorganized thing just make it work and it will. You can create them and register them right?

This is a great alternative to spawnwars it's really fun but you have to make the setup inbetween wars fast. Don't get caught up in where to defend and what weapon just get in there an fight you will get a chance to defend or attack everything

it is fun try it

We will also work on getting #gangwar setup in IRC so ppl can watch the echo of that server and we will also get ingame admin going to kick out anyone who is ruining the fun

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Well we only had 5 vs 5 last time and it took forever...

Maybe we just had dumb people.

They need to just move their asses to the bases, it's not like it's an official match.

Eventually, I just had Sergio say "GO!" because we were tired of waiting... :roll:

This should have been here so I'll respond here..

Yeah they think it's the Olymics and make it too important so they take too long.. that' will change as we all get more experienced with it no problem. Pick a spot get there say Go Go Go.. it's just that easy if it's not then too much thought has gone into it... if you lose it's only 3 mins till the next round and all is forgotten

Once ppl are used to this it will run smoothly

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Oh well, to speed things along we may as well say no weapon pickups...


That way if you survive the round, you have the "special" guns for the next round that you picked up!


Yes no pickups... I said unless it's on the way thou hopefully that's not abused.. No Flamethower or Spaz make that easier they are the main time wasting pickups and the only weapons noone spawns with as far as I know.

The attacking team should have an idea of where they will defend... once the round is over they call the next defend... everyone groups and calls the next Go Go Go..

If you want a break leave the server don't idle... swap ppl around to make the teams even as can be don't wait on one person fight with 7 vrs 8.. if its 7 - 9 one person switches..

Also you can have someone who is running behind just join the battle don't wait for one guy to commute over he will get there in time Im sure

I will take some work but it's fun

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Anyone interested in some PickUp games be online tonight around 6pm EST.

We went for 5 hours last time with 10 on 10 for most of it so it's great fun

This is a truely freindly war. The rules are simple... Everything except Spaz and respawning is legal. (No spaz because everyone needs it if one person has one. That means 15 mins of weapon pickups each round)

Pickups are allowed but the setup is quick so only pickup weapons if they are on the way to the base.

BLU and RED alternate defending and attacking and the time between rounds is about 2 or 3 mins when it's running smoothly.

Everyone is encouraged to get in the RED and BLU channels in TeamSpeak

Teamspeak Server

To get the Teamspeak Client here <---- Go to Quick Connect to log in and make sure you set a talk button (push to talk)

Teamspeak makes the chat less crowded and it makes it run smoother.

Teams can be uneven by one person only so a 7 vrs 8 is fine. If it becomes a 7 vrs 9 one person will switch teams. In a hurry I hope. I normally just switch teams myself to speed things up.

This really makes sure it's freindly because you might just be on the team with those you just flamed or lamed. :wink:

Everyone is welcome so hop on whenever you want and get it going. I will start this up with whoever is around tonight.

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yeah that is the beauty of it.. if you lose just move to the next round

Some pointers

If you are attacking think about what you want to defend. I normally let each person in TS pick a spot in turn.

Don't pickup weapons... just set up and fight it's not the end of the world if you loose. We can fit 20 rounds of fighting into one night if we keep moving

It beats the shit outta a spawn war

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Ok KFC has a light weekend as far as gangwars goes so we will be running the Pickup wars pretty steady.

If anyone is up for a truely friendly and fun game stop by the gangwar server. You can join #gangecho in IRC to look at the echo for it as well.

Teams will be random and the pace is fast. no long setups no pickups just spawn get to the base and fight.

Join #[kFc] and or #gangecho to know when it starts... or start it yourself.

I normally announce it in the PartyServer to get ppl in there too

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