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my game freeze y ??

Guest malcomXxX

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my game freezze when i try to choose my player someone know y??

all work ok the game start corect and when i enter the game and i see my player i try to choose and the game frezze !?!?!?!


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  • MTA Team

well, for me, in a lot of servers, it just h8s me using a character. if i choose the sailor, it crashes. if i start game again it crashes on sailor again etc. The only thing i do here is choose another character then wen i die i choose the sailor(or whoever) agen.

im not sure if this is ur case, but if itsa specific character....maybe :wink:

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make sure u have installed the 1.0 patch after installing vc (not mta)


Did he mean, install the 1.1 patch (And he typoed?)

Or did he mean don't install the 1.1 patch, and leave 1.0 as it is?

We may never know.


Oh ye i forgot the vc we buy is 0.5.....now where can i find the 1.0 exe :P

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