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blank to all, i am italian

Guest Äuron

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blank to all the team of MTA. I am an Italian, and I am using a translator. I have made from little a situated Italian on MTA, and I ask the permission to create it. Therefore I ask the MTA team, kindly: I can create a situated Italian on MTA? thanks to all.


salve a tutto il team di MTA. Sono un italiano, e sto usando un traduttore. Ho fatto da poco un sito italiano su MTA, e vorrei chiedere l'autorizzazzione per crearlo. Quindi chiedo al team di MTA, gentilmente: Posso creare un sito italiano su MTA? grazie a tutti.

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^ _ ^ I am not asking the permission in order to create a site Italian on client of MTA, translate the news of the site one http://www.mtavc.com. I wanted also to say that in bottom to the page I will insert the credits of http://www.mtavc.com. I did not want to ask to create the client of MTA in Italian! lol Understood? ^ _ ^


no no ^_^

Io sto chiedendo il permesso per creare un sito italiano sul client inglese di MTA, traducendo le news del sito http://www.mtavc.com . Volevo anche dire che in fondo alla pagina inserirò i crediti di http://www.mtavc.com . Non volevo chiedere di creare il cliente di MTA in italiano ! lol

Capito? ^_^

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Thats fine, providing you mention it is a translation of material from mtavc.com.

Perhaps you would also be interested in translating the mta manual and the sbs? Im not sure if we have italian versions of those yet.

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Therefore I can create the situated one, translate the news from the situated one http://www.mtavc.com?

Perhaps you would also be interested in translating the mta manual and the sbs? Im not sure if we have italian versions of those yet.

Not, the handbook I do not translate them, I put handbook written from my friends or me


Quindi posso creare il sito, traducendo le news dal sito http://www.mtavc.com?

No, i manuali non li traduco, metto manuali scritti da miei amici o da me

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What this guy wants to do is make a site in his language that will be a excact translation of this one but in italian , he doesnt want to make a mod nor a italian client, when he says : " to create a site Italian on client of MTA " he means , he wants to makne a translated site for the program mta .

And about the manual, i think he doesnt want to do that part but knows someone that will, or he might do it eventually.

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I had made a question, but nobody has answered to me. I can create the situated Italian on MTA, in various way from that English? changing layout, background etc.

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He was using a translator earlier to type in English, so he's going to be doing the same for the MTA site (English :arrow: Italian) and if we run it vice-versa on his website (Italian :arrow: English) it should come out acceptable, or at least understandable...


Oh, well surely the MTA team could run it through a translator with the same result then?

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