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Ok im brand new to MTA and this is my first go on GTA3 or VC for pc but i need to know which game is more popular for mp because i havent seen many screenshots. I just want a game with like 10 ppl or more in, sry for being so n00bish :lol:

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No problem, we were all newbies once (despite what other people may say).

GTA3:MTA is pretty old so it's quite buggy and difficult to use. You won't find many servers for that.

MTA:VC is a lot more popular and runs on newer technology and there are hundreds of servers listed on All Seeing Eye: http://www.udpsoft.com

MTA 0.4 is currently in development and combines GTA3 and VC into one client (resulting in GTA3 being equal technology-wise to MTA:VC). As you can see from the home page, this is approximately 80% complete but shouldn't take much longer as the team are just ironing out some bugs.

Edit: Btw, I meant to say that this should pretty much even up the two versions popularity-wise as GTA3 offers more tense gameplay whereas Vice is larger and more relaxing.

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ok ty cos going to town 2morrow and needed to know lol

is it easy to set up cos im a bit krud with manuals aswell lol

GTA3:MTA is not newbie friendly!

Basically, setting up a game for Vice City consists of using the All Seeing Eye server browser to find a server you want, clicking it and clicking Start Game on the MTA client window that appears.

Remember that it is a beta, and some people have had slight problems joining games, but solutions have been posted on the forums should you have difficulties.


EDIT: for the GTA3 and VC combo do i need both games or does it downlaod itself

There is currently no GTA3 / VC combo, as that is MTA 0.4 which is not yet out.

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im gonna be play gta 3 mta more than mtavc because im just soooo fed up of playing vc i need to play some more gta3!! :D

I'm not sure I could handle it after MTA:VC. It's more buggy and apparently not as "developed" as MTA:VC...


I think he's talking about 0.4.

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